Fulfilling my life-long dream of running a bookshop...

Yep.  For a week in May, I'm going to be running a bookshop with my sister in Scotland.  Back in 2015, we both heard of this cool Airbnb in Wigtown, where you get to run The Open Book, a bookshop in Scotland's National Book Town where there are 10 bookshops and 1000 people.  And since that's pretty much the most Morrow Sister-y thing that could possibly exist, we booked ourselves a week. (I think the only more Morrow Sister-y thing that could exist is an Airbnb where you run your own winery for a week.  If anyone knows of one of those, kindly let me know.)

We're flying in a few days early to spend a bit of time in Edinburgh before renting a car and driving down to Wigtown.  Once at our bookshop, we'll get to make our own displays, set our bookshop's hours, and meet all the locals that come to check us out.  We stay in the flat above the shop and have lots of time to check out the local pubs and other bookshops.  After our week at The Open Book, we're going to spend a couple of days in Rome, which should be very tasty as I think we'll be spending ~50% of our time eating & drinking.  Then, it's back home to Canada to resume our boring regular lives in financial services & healthcare.  

We've been waiting for this trip for a long time now but I think the next two months will go pretty quickly.  We've acquired some fine bookish apparel and a couple of bookish flasks so we're pretty well-prepared for running a bookshop.  We're also getting into the details of what we'll see in Edinburgh & Rome - we're definitely going to the Vatican (that has been booked for a while already) and we're making our list of castles, museums & gelaterias to hit up.  It's shaping up to be a pretty awesome trip.

(If you're interested in doing this yourself, better hurry - they are booking into 2020 already.)