Who am I?

I'm not named Janey. But I am a Canuck. I have a significant other I refer to as EDP (Exclusive Dating Person.) I have a pug I refer to as Penelope, Penny, Pug, Puppers, etc. I am happiest when I'm baking, reading, or best of all reading while baking - but not reading about baking. I'm sufficiently educated to rule over a french fry conglomerate and to ask why you want fries with that. I hope to one day help nudge you into a better choice than fries. I adore shoes. I'm obsessed with tracking my spending. I play the piano and the drums and the violin. I use Oxford commas. I think lemon meringue pie might be my super power. I love Harry Potter. I have a condition, apparently, that I require two different sets of focals. I don't think it's possible to have enough ice cream. I have an app for that. I can't afford to travel as much as I want to.  I don't get enough vacation time to travel as much as I want to.  I'm obsessed with podcasts.  

Who is Janey Canuck? 

Janey Canuck was the pen name for Emily Murphy.  

Who is Emily Murphy? 

Just watch this Heritage Minute...  And then watch all the others.