Post Passport to Pastry

Well, it's no longer something to look forward to.  It's now something to look back on with fond memories. 

Last week was my week in Ottawa to take my pastry course from Le Cordon Bleu. And it was so fantastic. I posted lots of pics over on Instagram of the delicious treats that Chef Arnaud demo-ed and a few of my less-than-perfect attempts. It really was a wonderful week. Chef Arnaud was absolutely amazing - I had been a bit worried that we'd have an instructor who had done something wrong and was stuck with the amateurs as punishment but Chef Arnaud was fantastic. Lots of jokes and tips and tricks. You could tell that he loved sharing his passion for pastry with everyone and enjoyed teaching, even us amateurs. His demos were amazing, he has so much talent and skill! On our first day, he made three tarts in three hours. We made one tart in three and a half hours. The practical kitchen was such fun to be in, too. The most fun was having someone do all the dishes for me! Sadly, that doesn't happen in my kitchen as much, though I have had a few offers after taking all the recipes I practiced this weekend to work today.

Honestly, there aren't enough good things to say about the week. It was a complete dream. I would highly recommend a gourmet short course from Le Cordon Bleu to anyone with an even passing interest in food. I'm already looking forward to next year and I'll make a point of taking something anytime I'm near Ottawa!

Readathon Rules!

Readathon Rules!

Passport to Pastry