Passport to Pastry

Today is September 10. In two weeks, it will be September 24. And on September 24, I might pass out from excitment.

Why? Because I'm heading up to Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa for a four day gourmet short class on pastry.  Four days of being in a professional kitchen, learning about pies and tarts and flans, oh my! They tell you to bring containers to bring your work home in. I've never had work to take home before that I could eat. And when it's done, I'm going to come home and spend the weekend practicing everything I learned and take it all in to work and make all of my co-workers fat. It truly is a dream come true.

I registered over a year ago. And, I'm already checking obsessively to see if next year's courses are up because I want to take the viennoiserie course next year. 

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