In Japan now

So after all the last-minute-ness of getting ready on Sunday, we headed to the airport and flew to Tokyo. From Tokyo, we caught a connecting flight to Osaka and now we're here.

Kevin and Wayne, friends of EDP's, met us at the airport and after a short bus ride, we got checked in at our hotel and then headed to Kevin and Aya's house for some visiting with them and Kevin's parents, who also arrived before us. Then it was back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep after a long, long day.

The plan for today was to have a fun day out at Porto Europa, an amusement park, have a BBQ and go orange picking with Kevin, Aya, Wayne, Kevin's parents, Aya's parents, and Aya's friend. Unfortunately, it rained for most of the day so only one ride was operating at the park (a water ride) so we could only wander around. We did get to see a really big tuna get filleted, which was interesting. After lunch, the rain let up for while so we went to the orchard and got to eat as many mandarins as we could, right off the tree. EDP definitely had an advantage due to height and was able to reach the highest mandarins on the tree but I still found some tasty ones. We also got to each take a little bag of mandarins with us so now we have some delicious fruit for breakfast!

Tomorrow, Wayne and EDP and I are headed to Kyoto. Let's hope for better weather than today.

A day in Kyoto

I have never been so unprepared for a trip in my entire life