I have never been so unprepared for a trip in my entire life

We leave in 56 minutes and I'm only setting up my travel blog now.  I only packed this morning.  Our plan for what to do consists of a post-it.  I'm not even sure if I told anyone I was going to Japan!!

What is wrong with me?!  Normally, I set my blog up months in advance, have a budget spreadsheet, an itinerary, advance tickets purchased, packed a week early, guidebook thoroughly digested.  None of that has happened.  I did manage to tell my parents about Japan so at least the dog was taken care of.

Anyway.  We're going to Japan.  It's now 54 minutes until we leave.

The main reason we're going is for a wedding in Osaka.  One of EDP's long-time friends is getting married and we were invited.  I think.  I never actually saw an invitation.  They know we're coming and have sent us the plan for the days leading up to the wedding so we won't be the only ones with egg on our face if we get there and it turns out we're not invited.  We're also going to get some sight-seeing in - Kyoto, Kobo, a couple of castles, an aquarium and this super long walking trail I need to research.

We're now leaving in 51 minutes and my to-do list is still lengthy so I'd better get to it.  But I'll leave you with this delightful Japanese song.

In Japan now

Home again