Okay, I know I have an essay to write...

It's my break time, though? Yes, that is it!

Last night, EDP & I finished planning out what we want to see in Italy (it is only TEN sleeps away.) Man, are we ever going to be doing a lot! After we leave our Tuscan villa, it's off to Florence...

  • We'll arrive in the afternoon or evening, check into Hotel Crazy and head out on an evening walking tour of the city

  • Tuesday will be a day filled with art - we're taking in the Uffizi (the finest picture gallery in Italy, according to a guide book) and the Accademia (home of David) along. We're also going to visit the Duomo (which lords over the cityscape with an authority unmatched by any architectural creation in any other Italian city - also from the guidebook)

  • Wednesday is a day trip out to Cinque Terre where we will hike (read: saunter) as much of it as we can

  • Thursday brings a trip out to Pisa to check out the Leaning Tower and the Campo dei Miracoli before heading off to Verona where I will....

  • Have my photo taken with two random guys and claim they are the Two Gents and then let EDP dictate the rest of the day's galleries and churches and museums

  • We also plan on eating a lot in Verona as we hear the food is amazing there (and shopping - don't tell EDP)

  • Saturday, we head to Venice where we will spend Saturday and Sunday morning visiting St. Mark's Square (including the Doge's Palace) and quite literally, getting lost for a while

  • Sunday afternoon, it's back to Rome for our last night before coming back to Canada on Monday

It'll go pretty quickly but I can't wait for next Thursday to get here! I've already started packing :D (oh come on - did you really think I wouldn't have started by now?)

I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies...

Eeee... One month to go!