Okay, not just Roman... Italian holiday

Yay! Dream vacation coming true. Italy has always been on the top of my list of places to see and this October, EDP & I are taking just over a week to cram as much in as possible!

We've had plane tickets booked for a while. At least one of us has already booked the vacation time from work. And now, we've got all of our hotels booked! One of us thought we could just show up at various hotels while there but the other felt uncomfortable doing that and wanted everything booked before leaving. I'll let you guess who was who :)

Now, I'm sure everyone wants to know all of the fabulous details so here they are:

  • Depart from Toronto on the evening of October 8th, landing in Rome in the morning of the 9th

  • Our first hotel is Hotel Des Artistes. It's lovely :) We are there for two nights while we explore Rome before heading off to...

  • Tuscany! We're staying at Villa Rosa di Boscorotondo to traipse around some vineyards

  • Then, we head off to Florence for a bit, where we'll take a day trip out to Pisa & Cinque Terra. We've got a crazy place to stay while in Florence called Hotel Vittoria

  • After that, it's up to Verona so I can have my picture taken with two random guys and call them the Two Gents where we'll stay at the Hotel Trieste

  • Finally, we head off to Venice & Casa Fenice where I'm sure EDP will try to throw me in the canal.

  • After that, we head back to Rome for one more night at Hotel Dell'Urbe before our 12:30 flight leaves, arriving back in Canada at 4:15.

So, I'm pretty excited. It's probably a bit too soon to pack but you can never plan too far in advance.

Eeee... One month to go!

I'm ba-ack...