Thailand 06/07

Apparently, blogs are the way of the future. And apparently, it is the cool new way to tell people about trips you take (Byran, you're a thinker!) and since I'm taking a trip, I figured I'd blog it. Also, I'm lazy and don't wanna take the time to e-mail people. E-mail is so 2004. I'm not sure what access to the internet will be like in Thailand, but I'm gonna give it a shot!

So without further ado, I proudly present:

As lots (hopefully most) of you have probably figured out (or have been forced to hear about), I'm taking a trip to Thailand. Lisa (remember her?) has been teaching English in Korea for the last year and is now travelling away and I'm flying across the world to catch up with her and get some time in the sun. I've got my passport, my ticket, and my tetnus shot. Oh, and my Visa. What else could a girl need? I'm even finished packing! And you'll never in a million years believe how little I'm taking.

So, I'm packed and ready to go. Keep your fingers crossed that on Friday morning, the runways are clear so that I can get on my merry little way. Cause if I don't, it's your door I'm gonna be knocking on!

I like Asia. I'm tall here.