Ice Ice Baby

Yep, we're heading to Iceland! Cause, you know...  It's not cold enough in Canada, we need to head to a country where Canadians buy hats in the summer to stay warm (true story - a friend was there earlier this year and needed buy a hat cause the wind was so cold!)

Technically, we're going to Copenhagen for a weekend with a one week stopover in Iceland. Icelandair offers this AMAZING option where you can do a stopover of up to 7 days in Reykjavik for no additional cost. A couple of days after we got back from Bavaria, we found a super cheap flight from Toronto to Copenhagen on Icelandair. And we booked it. So now, we're heading to Copenhagen for a weekend with a really long stopover in Reykjavik. We do not plan to stay in the airport the entire time we're there, though.

Like our Bavaria trip, we're renting a car and heading out to travel Iceland's ring road. If you aren't familiar with Iceland, it's a pretty small country and it has this one highway that runs around the entire country. It's the ring road. And it's pretty popular as a road trip. 

We're starting in Reykjavik, where we're taking a day to check out the city before picking up a car and heading off on an adventure filled with waterfalls and lava tubes and volcanoes and fjords and black beaches and caves and lighthouses and geysers and national parks and more.  We're crossing our fingers that we'll get a chance to see the Northern Lights but it may be a bit early in the season for it.  It's not uncommon for hotels for have Aurora alarms to wake you up if the lights are out and we do have one hotel that's quite a bit out of the way so it wouldn't be affected by light pollution.  Keep your fingers crossed!

After our road trip in Iceland, we're popping over to Copenhagen for two days.  Copenhagen is known for their food scene so I think it'll be a tasty couple of days. We have a food tour booked that takes us through one of the food markets so it's a pretty safe bet that it will be.

A lot of the planning is already done, which is good because the trip is just around the corner.  All of the hotels are booked, the car is rented, the itinerary is in good shape.  Now it's just the last minute details like laundry and picking up headlamps and learning Icelandic.  Can't be too much trouble, can it?

Reykjavik and West Iceland

Bout of Books