Kayaking down the Sittee River

This morning was a lazy one for us. We didn't have to meet our adventure guide until 9am! After a late breakfast, we headed off to meet Arne, our guide for kayaking down the Sittee River. It was a relaxed trip - and not just because EDP did most of the work. We started in a creek, which was covered in a canopy of tree branches. Then we made it out to the river. It was wide and slow and we were following the current so we could be a bit lazy sometimes. We saw lots of herons and iguanas but no crocodiles. I can only assume they heard I was coming and hid in fear.

After making it back to the resort, we had lunch and some lazy pool reading before heading off for massages. Very relaxing! Now, it's ,ore reading time before dinner and then it'll be an early night as we have an early wake up tomorrow for cave tubing!

Cave Tubing

Swimming under a Waterfall