Swimming with the Fishies

We've made it to Belize! After a very early wake up call on Saturday (2:30am) and three flights, including the puddle-iest of puddle jumpers, we've arrived at Hamanasi. After lunch and a brief orientation, we made our way to our treehouse, which is fricking amazing. We've got a fabulous porch with a hammock that EDP tried out early on plus a fantastically large room and a lovely bathroom. After relaxing a bit, we went to the Adventure Center to finalize our activities and then had an early dinner followed by an early bed.

Today, we had our first adventure - snorkelling! And we were the only people on the boat so we had our own private snorkel tour with our guide, Neal and our captain, John. It was amazing! With the salt water, I just bobbed around, trying to take it all in. We had the GoPro going so hopefully, we got some good pictures. We saw tonnes of fish, including angel fish and a bunch of different kinds of parrot fish. Plus, we saw a fish that looked just like the rainbow fish from that kid's book! We also saw a couple of octopuses (octopi?) and lots of lobsters. Oh, and a really ugly worm that I thought Neal was going to touch me with. And I definitely flailed and panicked. And EDP definitely laughed. We did two snorkels. One was out in the reef and one was closer to the shore of an island. I really surprised myself with how much I loved it, I can't wait to go again later this week,

After returning to the resort, we had lunch and then hung out by the pool for a bit. Then it was time for our private beachside dinner. We had a little table set up out by the water, away from the buildings of the resort. It was really nice, though I got quite chilly by the end. Now, we're heading back to the treehouse for what will definitely be an early bedtime. Tomorrow, we are taking a waterfall hike and it leaves pretty early. Plus, we've totally earned a good sleep after our snorkelling.

Swimming under a Waterfall

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