Nestled all snug in the Alps

Well, it's Sunday and we're in Chamonix. It's been a fantastic few days so far.

Our trip started with our first class flight - courtesy of upgrade credits EDP accumulated over the last year with all the travelling he's done for work. He certainly appreciated the extra leg room and I liked being able to put my seat down flat for sleeping. Our flight was good and we breezed through customs, etc. in Geneva and soon we were en route to our hotel.

Chamonix has a number of little villages and the one we picked to stay in was Les Praz. Our hotel was lovely and you could almost throw a rock and hit the gondola to go up the mountain. The view from our room was an amazing view of the mountains. It was so picturesque. After a shower, we headed into town to check out what was there. The bus from Les Praz into the heart of the town was about five minutes so it didn't take very long. Once we were there, we wandered around the streets before getting some dinner (delicious!) and then heading back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Yesterday, EDP had a great day snowboarding - we're looking forward to seeing the photos and videos that come off his GoPro. I spent my day heading 12,000 feet up to see the summit of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in this area. This was accomplished by what I believe is the world's highest cable car. It was pretty high! It was pretty chilly at the top, even for a Canadian girl, but it was amazing to see. It was a nice clear day so I could see for miles and got some amazing photos of the Alps. I also had some lunch and I doubt I will ever eat so high above see level again.

Today, we've packed up our bags in anticipation of heading to Paris on the overnight train. EDP is snowboarding again and I'm heading off to see France's largest glacier in about 20 minutes. I think it'll be another good day for both of us!

I want to eat my weight in bread

I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles