Karlovy Vary

Yesterday was our day trip to Karlovy Vary. As soon as we were dressed and fed, we headed over to the bus station by way of the metro to get seats on the next bus. After just over two hours on the bus, we arrived. We found a map and headed into the centre of the city. We stopped for lunch and then wandered around the pedestrian street towards the Diana Tower, a look out tower at the top of a huge hill at one end of the town.

Originally, we had planned to hike up the hill to the tower. But then we saw how steep it was and it was starting to rain a little and I was starting to come down with a cold so we took the trolley or tram or whatever it was called up to the top. Once at the top of the hill, we headed for the top of the tower to see the town. It was beautiful. The rumours about some of the most beautiful architecture in the world being in the Czech Republic are true. EDP stayed at the top far long than I did (I did go to the top, though - and I wasn't even drugged) and I suspect he got some really good photos. I went back down to the base of the tower and hung out with the goats and the pigs at the petting zoo. EDP joined me after a bit and then we headed back down to the main street to find the thermal swim at Hotel Thermal.

I had hoped this would count as relaxing in a hot spring but it wasn't very warm at all. I got bored rather quickly and once EDP was done, we started to head back towards the bus station, stopping at whatever little shops caught my eye. Not too far into this, it started to pour, cutting short my shopping. We took shelter in a little alley way, hoping the rain would pass quickly. Eventually, we decided it wasn't going to let up so we bought some umbrellas and headed back to the bus station.

After the bus trip back to Prague, we got some dinner - goulash for EDP and chicken soup for me (I have a full blown cold now) - and then back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Today, we're off to explore the old town and the Jewish quarters. We're also headed to the opera tonight so it's going to be a full day!

Our last day in Prague

What a beautiful day in Prague