Czech this out...

You thought we were going to Chile, didn't you?  Well, we were planning a trip to Chile in the fall but we've decided to postpone it for now and head over to Europe instead.  So where are we going?

Prague and Vienna.

Yeah, I know, right?  It's going to be awesome.

We've pulled this trip together rather quickly.  Less than two weeks ago, the idea of postponing Chile came up.  Now, we've got our vacation time approved (and I don't just mean me - EDP scheduled his time off already, too), flights and hotels booked, and have started the lists of what we want to see.  And really, most of it has come together in the last three days.  And we haven't even bought our guidebooks yet.  

So now it's time to start the travel blog and record all of the details.  For those interested:

  • We depart from Toronto on September 24 in the evening. We land in Prague around 10 in the morning on September 25.

  • From there, we'll make our way to Hotel Residence Green Lobster. Seriously, that's what it's called.

Hotel Residence Green Lobster, Prague

We'll spend 4 days in Prague, hopefully taking in an opera, touring Prague castle & the Charles Bridge and seeing if we can make our way to one of the hot springs, which Prague is famous for.  We also hear that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe so we'll be spending lots of time drinking it all in

  • After we've spent our time there, we'll take the September 29 overnight train to Vienna and check in at our Vienna hotel, Pentahotel, for the next 4 days.

Pentahotel, Vienna

  • While in Vienna we'll be seeing a performance from the Vienna Boys Choir (tickets already booked!) and visiting Schönbrunn Palace, along with it's gardens and zoo

  • Early in the morning on October 4, we'll head to the Vienna airport and fly back to Canada.

So yeah, a bit of a change of plans but we're pretty excited about what's coming up in about two months.  It will be different from our Italy trip.  We'll only have two hotels instead of five so we can settle in a bit more, I'll have my netbook with me to blog frequently, and EDP now has a really nice camera so we'll get some amazing photos.

We're looking forward to spending the next two months figuring out everything we'll see.  So far, it's looking like the Prague half of our trip will be a bit more relaxed and laid back whereas Vienna seems to have a lot more going on so will likely be a bit busier.  I think EDP is probably most excited about the fact that I won't be whining to stop for gelato every 15 minutes.  But I hear the strudel in Vienna is amazing and apparently, the most famous dessert in the Czech Republic is a pancake stuffed with ice cream & fruit and topped with whipped cream so I don't think I'll be lacking in the sweets department.

Also, for those of you keeping score - while there aren't any volcanoes to climb or waters for snorkeling in Prague or Vienna, I'm looking to cross of Thing 58 and Thing 93 while in Prague and Thing 88 in Vienna.

Only about 3 weeks to go!

PS - here's a list of all the flavours of gelato I had...