In Verona, but I haven't seen the gents yet...

So where did I leave off? Right, the Uffizi.

We wandered back down to the tourist area to see Italy's largest gallery. Happily, the wait wasn't too long and we got to see some very beautiful art. After that, it was time for dinner, which we enjoyed overlooking a very old square and the palace. We had some tasty cheese (which EDP enjoyed greatly) and met a lovely couple from Cincinnati, who gave us some good tips about Venice. After that, it was time for more gelato and headed back to the hotel. In the morning, we had a lazy morning wandering around, enjoying a cappucino and some pastries before sitting in the Piazza della Repubblica before catching a bus for a tour out in Chianti. We visited a winery called Vicchiomaggio (that may be spelled incorrectly) and got to see the giant barrels where the wine is aged and had a lovely tasting of 4 different Chianti wines with snacks (yum!) After that, we explored Greve before heading back to Florence for our last evening in the crazy hotel. The next day, we got up, packed our bags and headed out to Pisa!

Pisa was a cute little town with little more than the tower and other church buildings. We went through the cathedral, the baptistry and the cemetary before heading up the leaning tower. I made it up to the bells, EDP got all the way to the top. It was quite weird going up the stairs as you could feel yourself falling towards various sides as you wound your way around the tower. Very strange sensation. EDP tells me it was quite windy at the top and that he nearly lost his sweater. After that, it was time for some lunch at a little trattoria that had a lovely view of the tour. We were serenaded by a crazy old man who told EDP he could donate if he liked the man's voice but that we didn't have to but that his voice was beautiful and that people who appreciate culture would give him money. EDP gave him some money. I think it was to get him to go away.

After that, we caught the train up here to Verona. After settling in, we headed out for dinner where EDP finally had his tiramisu and I broke with my daily gelato tradition and had tartufo instead. Today, we've been exploring Verona - seeing the arena (now the world's largest open air opera house) and Castelvecchio, a old castle filled with art and various things. Then, we wandered around, seeing the Piazze dei Erbe and the Torre dei Lamberti (again, EDP made it to the top, I got up to the bells) before finding Juliet's balcony and then a little spot for lunch and heading back here to the hotel. Tonight is dinner and then tomorrow is off to Venice!

Venice - the best city in Italy

In Florence!