So where were we?

That's right... In Chiang Mai... Well, on our last day, Jay was back up over the weather so we did a bit more temple touring (including seeing a bronze Buddha and a crystal Buddha). The second temple was kinda far away so we rented bicylcles to get out there which was really quite fun. It's been a while since I was on a bike so it was quite a fun adventure. We also attempted to find a shopping mall, but it didn't really materialize so we went back to our hotel and had a swim before getting dinner and then onto an overnight bus to Bangkok so we could catch our bus to the beach town we were heading for. This overnight VIP bus was not as nice as our last one - it was very crowded and the air conditioning kept breaking down so it was either super hot or super cold. It was just super.

The beach town is called Hua Hin and I'm rather annoyed that it's very overcast here. It's not one of the most popular tourist town - it seems to be more for older folk and Germans (I'm am neither) - but Lisa got great reviews on it from a friend of hers (who is an older folk but not German). Yesterday was a quiet day since it isn't overly sunny. We wandered around the town a wee bit, figured out where the beach was and kinda layed low. We did have a lovely dinner of delicious pizza but we were all pretty tired from a long bus ride.

Today was a busier day - we went to one of the many stores here that makes clothing. We spent a fair while there looking at fabrics and patterns and getting measured. When all was said and done, we ended up with two silk dresses, two suits, two pairs of pants and three shirts. And no, it's not all for me. Just one dress, one suit and one shirt. We are off for a fitting in a few minutes and another one tomorrow - it'll be quite a treat to get something that fits perfectly, of course, that means no one can gain or lose any weight. After the shopping, we did the beach thing. The beach has a bunch of restaurants on it and you can get yourself a massage or pedicure or horse ride for an exhorbitant sum (well, compared to everywhere else, anyway). The water is super salty and the waves are much higher than what I can ever remember. It was pretty chilly and windy on the beach but you can't go to a beach town without going to the beach, right?!

Oh, and I caught a cold. I didn't come to this country to get a cold but they do have *great* cold medicine over here. And because I am such a good person, I've shared it with Lisa and Jay. We can all answer to "Sniffles" now :)

Bye for now! Cross your fingers for sun tomorrow. Tomorrow night, it is back to Bangkok tomorrow night so that Lisa & Jay can get visas for their next country and so I can get on my plane home (already?!).

I'm ba-ack...

It's been a busy couple of days!