Garden Growth (Update #5)

by Colleen Morrow

Yesterday it rained in the evening.  I didn't take my photos until the rain was done and it was dusky.  There were a lot of mosquitos.  I made it out with only three bites but goodness, they sure are big.

There's been some crazy growth with the peas, tomatoes and the potatoes.  EDP covered up the potatoes late last week and they are already back up through the soil.  And I picked two berries yesterday, too!  Yay!

Garden Growth (Update #4)

by Colleen Morrow

Aww man...  After I was so good with my last update, I totally fell off the wagon this week.  It's already this Wednesday and I haven't posted my photos from last Wednesday yet.  I can't even remember what the exciting things from last week were.  Oh well.

Belizean Adventures Await!

by Colleen Morrow in

We've got another trip on the books - Belize.

It's a bit different for us, we've never done the resort thing before.  But in December, we're heading off to Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort in Hopkins, Belize for a week.  Our package includes a bunch of adventures and we're looking forward to kayaking on the Sittee River, cave tubing, ziplining through the jungle canopy, hiking to Antelope Falls and the ancient Mayan city of Mayflower, and snorkelling.  We'll have something planned for every day except one.  

I'm looking forward to the adventures but probably the most exciting part of the trip for me is that we're going to be staying in a treehouse.  Hamanasi is known for its treehouses.  They are freestanding cabanas, perched 12 feet above the ground, each with its own porch, including hammock, nestled in the trees.  The resort prides itself on having no TVs or phones in any of the guest rooms and a human actually knocks on your door when it's time for a wake up call.  The resort gets amazing reviews - people say the staff is fantastic, the guides are awesome, the food is delicious.  If the pictures are any indication, it should be a great week (pics are from Hamanasi's website.)

Baking for Good

by Colleen Morrow

Last weekend, a group in KW set the Guinness record for the World's Largest Bakesale.  They tried last year but didn't quite make it so gave it another shot this year.  I work with a woman who was on the volunteer committee and a while back, she asked me if I'd be one of the 150 Sweet Bakers that baked for the sale.  

So I signed up.  I was going to do something quick & easy (i.e. my family shortbread recipe) but it was mentioned that they weren't going to have enough brownies.  Despite not having a great brownie recipe, I agreed to deliver 100 brownies.  The brownie recipe I've always made is a more cake-y brownie but the majority of people seem to prefer a fudge-y brownie.  I tried three different recipes on my work guinea pigs and there was a clear winner.  Sadly, it was the recipe that made the smallest amount at a time and the recipe that was done COMPLETELY by hand.  But now I have a great brownie recipe and a lot of practice making it.

Let me tell you - 100 brownies is a LOT of brownies.  I was about $100 in ingredients, including 4 bricks of butter, 7 bags of chocolate chunks, and 26 eggs.  Of course, I probably could have shaved a bit off that if I had gone to No Frills or Food Basics but I didn't, I was lazy and went to Zehrs.  In the end, I ended up making 14 batches of brownies.  I did 6 single batches and 4 double batches so it was only 10 rounds of assault on my upper body.  It actually took me less time to bake than I expected but wrapping everything took quite some time.  I delivered my brownies with only an hour to spare!