The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is a totally, 100% marketing ploy. It was created in the 1950's as a way to get more tourism to the area. That being said, it's pretty great.

We left Rothenburg on Saturday morning and headed down the Romantic Road. It was very scenic - much nicer than the autobahn - kind of like a winding country road with lots of tiny villages to drive through. One of my favourite things to see was the bright poppies growing all along the side of the road. Way better than the dandelions or milk weed you see in Canada. We stopped in Harburg to see Harburg Castle, which is one of the oldest, undamaged castles in Germany. The castle has been set up so that you can wander the grounds or take a tour that leads you along the castle walls and into various rooms, which is a neat way of letting people see the grounds without paying for a tour, if they like. The sun was shining on us so we had a lovely visit before climbing back in the car and continuing on our way.

We did pull over a few times on the trip to take some photos. It's hard not to when, especially when you get into the mountains and when the Germans have helpfully put places to pull your car into along the side of the road with decent frequency. We did have a few instances where the signage for the Romantic Road wasn't clear and we managed to get on the wrong path but the biggest problem came when one of the roads was closed entirely. From that point, since we were nearing the end, we just took a regular highway into Fussen, our final destination for the day. As we were heading into Fussen, we got our first glimpse of Neuschwanstein. The day had clouded over by that point so it wasn't a great look but it was exciting to see it just appear on a mountain. We certainly weren't the only car on the side of the road along that stretch. 

Once in Fussen, there was no escaping the rain, so we relaxed in our hotel bar with some overly generous glasses of wine before heading off to a delicious Italian dinner, complete with tartufo. The Bavarian food (and wine!) has been delicious but it was a nice change of pace. 



Rothenburg and Wurzburg