Baking for Good

Last weekend, a group in KW set the Guinness record for the World's Largest Bakesale.  They tried last year but didn't quite make it so gave it another shot this year.  I work with a woman who was on the volunteer committee and a while back, she asked me if I'd be one of the 150 Sweet Bakers that baked for the sale.  

So I signed up.  I was going to do something quick & easy (i.e. my family shortbread recipe) but it was mentioned that they weren't going to have enough brownies.  Despite not having a great brownie recipe, I agreed to deliver 100 brownies.  The brownie recipe I've always made is a more cake-y brownie but the majority of people seem to prefer a fudge-y brownie.  I tried three different recipes on my work guinea pigs and there was a clear winner.  Sadly, it was the recipe that made the smallest amount at a time and the recipe that was done COMPLETELY by hand.  But now I have a great brownie recipe and a lot of practice making it.

Let me tell you - 100 brownies is a LOT of brownies.  I was about $100 in ingredients, including 4 bricks of butter, 7 bags of chocolate chunks, and 26 eggs.  Of course, I probably could have shaved a bit off that if I had gone to No Frills or Food Basics but I didn't, I was lazy and went to Zehrs.  In the end, I ended up making 14 batches of brownies.  I did 6 single batches and 4 double batches so it was only 10 rounds of assault on my upper body.  It actually took me less time to bake than I expected but wrapping everything took quite some time.  I delivered my brownies with only an hour to spare!

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