Mary, Mary, quite contrary... Let's just hope my garden grows.

Last year, our first full summer in the house, we started some vegetable gardens.  Before that, we were part of a community garden but let's face it - it's so much easier to grow your own tomatoes when they are in the backyard and not several km away.  We used some fancy contraptions from Lee Valley to create two raised beds and we grew a lot of zucchini and tomatoes, plus some other stuff.  Beyond the raised beds, we put in a blueberry bush, potted a raspberry bush in a container, put six strawberry plants in the planters on the balcony and tried to grow some herbs.  

This year, we added another level onto the raised beds and we're ready for another season of growing.  We've still got the blueberry bush, though, it does look a little sad.  The raspberries and the strawberries are looking fantastic.  We expanded our container gardening to include lettuce and potatoes and we're trying some herbs again.  And of course, the main attraction is the two raised beds.  We are trying some new things this year and repeating some things that we had success with last year.  In one bed, ditching the watermelon and only planting two cucumbers instead of three made room for snow peas, leeks, peas & carrots.  Peppers, zucchini, squash and cucumbers are back.  And of course, the other bed is dedicated entirely to tomatoes.  We looked at tags carefully this year and didn't accidentally end up with a bunch of plants we didn't want.  Half of the garden are romas, which will be used for canning, and the other half are eating tomatoes.  We got a crazy crop of tomatoes last year so here's hoping it's the same this year.  

In addition to what we're growing, we've also joined a CSA for the summer.  I'm really excited about this particular CSA because it's a market style with points.  So instead of everyone getting the same things, you can pick and choose what you want.  Everything has a point value so you just keep picking until you've reached your number of points.  I'm looking forward to supplementing what we're growing with the CSA for canning and to get some stuff that just doesn't make sense for us to grow ourselves.  

Anyway, my goal for the summer is to take photos every week of the garden.  I took a bunch this past Wednesday and I'm looking forward to watching the progress over the summer.



Garden Growth (Update #2)

Alllll done