The January Cure

You know that website, Apartment Therapy? Well, they are doing this thing again this year (they did it last year, not sure about the year before) called the January Cure. The idea is to tackle the biggest problem areas in your home to get them under control and organized. Each day, there's a task that's meant to move you forward in getting your home into the clean & organized home you know it can be. 

I tried to do this last year but I didn't hear about it until halfway through the month and it was just too overwhelming to try to catch up. So this year, I'm ready to go and looking forward to making things around the house more streamlined and less cluttered.  I feel like there's a lot of hidden clutter in our house.  And 98% of it is probably mine. And I tend to let little piles of things gather around the house with the intention of doing something with them and they just seem to move around. So time to go through and cleaning, declutter and organize!  

I know I have some big problem areas (*cough, cough* the basement *cough, cough*) but there are also a lot of little tasks that have never gotten done over the 16 months we've been in our house. No more! Time to take it on and get it done. 


The Project List

Baby, It's (not) Cold (enough) Outside