Catching up on my January Cure

I won't lie to you - I'm really not good about doing the January Cure activities each day as they come in.  So, today, I'm catching up on a bunch of them.

Let's recap what I've done so far, shall we?

  • I've made my projects list

Wow, I'm really far along, aren't I?!  There have been 7 more posts since then.  To be fair, I don't really need to do much for some of them because either I've already got it in progress or have completed it recently or I've already outsourced that task to someone else or because they are things I will refused to do.  However, it's good to at least address all of them.  So here we go:

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors

Well.  We have a cleaning lady (cleaning ladies, actually) who comes to our house and she does a pretty darn good job on our floors (seriously - our hardwood floor in the living room has never looked even half as good when we do it as when she does.)  And I already like all of the cleaners we use.  And EDP brought me flowers when he came home from his last trip and they were still very much alive when this task was assigned.  Oh, wait - before you start thinking that EDP is all lovely and thoughtful…  I demanded the flowers.  I spent a LOT of time shovelling snow while he was away so I strongly suggested he get me some flowers or a pint of Haagen Dazs.  

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective

This one is a bit tricky.  There aren't many places in our house that I consider real problem areas. I don't feel like our house is out of control, I just want to bring more organization to it and tackle some of those little projects that have been on my mind since we moved in.  But, if I think about our loft, particularly where my desk is - I tend to accumulate a lot of clutter here.  I'm trying to go paperless so right now, there's a lot of paper.  And I have a couple of pieces of furniture that I plan to refinish so they aren't really working for me just yet.  I've got lots of little projects that I haven't gotten around to yet.  And I tend to just let things pile up.  I need to work on that.

A Simple Step to Success: Set up an Outbox

Already done.  We have a corner in one of the spare rooms that we've already started piling stuff to be donated.  My plan was to do a full sweep of the house and then haul it all off but it sounds like one of the tasks in the cure will be to "empty" the outbox so I'll probably stick with that.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List

Easy.  The basement.  It's horrible down there and it's been like that since we moved in.  I know we don't use it but we are looking at doing the renos we have planned to it this summer so it's best to deal with the chaos and mess now while it's winter and there aren't millions of other things I want to do. I know it's supposed to be something I can do in a few hours and this is probably more than that but it needs to get done.  I posted photos of the basement in my Projects List post so you'll agree with me that it's bad and needs tackling.  

Because I'm sure it isn't clear, our basement currently consists of a bathroom (not part of the problem), the furnace room (not part of the problem), a laundry room (a bit of the problem), and the main space of the basement that should be one room but the people who lived here before us put a wall up the middle of it (this is the bulk of the problem.) We plan on pulling down that wall and turning the basement into a bit of a games room/man cave.  We don't need the space as a rec room because our attic is finished as a loft and we already have two extra bedrooms so we don't need the space as a spare room.  The original plan was a pool table, maybe a bar - that kind of thing.  But we don't think we'll get a pool table down the stairs.  So I think now, we're looking at a poker table?  I'd like to put a couple of leather club chairs down there.  Maybe a blackjack table?  Who knows.  Point is - none of this can even start with all the stuff we have down there.  So, we need to get some better shelving in the laundry room so that we can store more stuff in there and deal with all the stuff that gets thrown down there instead of properly stored in our storage space under the stairs or in the storage areas in the loft.  

Anyway - I honestly think the trickiest part of this whole thing is going to be finding appropriate storage for all the preserving I do.  That isn't going away any time soon so we need something that has enough shelving for everything so that it's easy to find and not exposed to the sun.  I've been looking for a while.  Sigh.

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display

I work with a lady who is really quite creative.  She drew me this awesome M that I really love.  I planned on hanging it in our foyer with an antique key, all framed and pretty.  I have not yet done that.  I have the key.  I have the M.  I have a suspicion that this will be expensive.  I should be able to find a regular ol' frame and then just have a mat cut but I'm not sure how to protect the letter.  I don't think I'll be able to have the glass in the frame because of the key but I don't want the M exposed, either.  Maybe I'll be able to get something really thin to lay over the M but behind the mat?  I dunno.  Time to get on it, thought!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal

Okay, again - some of the cleaning stuff is already done on a regular basis by our cleaning lady.  In addition to being a pro-star with our floors, she's also quite adept at making our stove look like we don't try to test how much our pots can hold before they boil over on a regular basis. Most of our cupboards are in good shape.  There are some improvements that can be made but in general, our cupboards are tidy and organized.  There is very little in our kitchen that isn't used on a regular basis - yay us! Most of what remains to be done in our kitchen involves containers and since i don't want the January Cure to bankrupt me, I won't be getting all that done.  I regularly go through the pantry cupboard and purge what won't get used so there's no way I can reduce the food in the kitchen by 25%.  However, there are some spices that should get chucked, along with a few other things so that is on the list for tonight/tomorrow.  And the shelf paper in the drawers is really ugly and could use replacing.  I did pick up flowers on the weekend - some lovely white tulips and they are keeping me company up in the loft.  

Oh, and I'm always making meals in that kitchen.  I don't need a cure to get me to do that.

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a Get-Together Together

Yeah, I'm only getting together with myself.  EDP won't realize anything has changed in the house and I'm definitely not inviting people into my already fairly organized home to celebrate it being even more organized.  I will commit to having a bubble bath with a glass of wine, though!

Okay, so to sum up, I need to do the following:

  • Get my art work in to be matted/framed
  • Get new shelf paper

In all reality, I'll probably run my errands tonight.  I'l likely do the bottom cupboards tomorrow and the upper cabinets on Wednesday.  I've taken a sneak peak at what's coming up and I've already got tomorrow's assignment nailed and Wednesday's assignment won't add anything to my plate.  So yeah, I think today will be time for some errands with some more catch-up tomorrow & Wednesday.  


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