Baby, It's (not) Cold (enough) Outside

I know you can't believe everything* Rob Ford says, but according to him, this storm is pretty much the worst storm in the history of the world.  That's not an exact quote, but you get the drift.

It's pretty rough 'round these parts right now.

We've been hit harder than usual this December with wintery weather. Last week, when EDP was gone for work, I spent an hour and forty-five minutes digging out our driveway. And I think I was out twice more after that. We've gotten more snow in the last couple of weeks than we usually do over the entire winter. And now, we've been hit with an ice storm.

Our backyard from some time this morning

Our backyard from some time this morning

The weather reports had been calling for some bad weather this weekend - which figures, because today was supposed to be our Christmas brunch with my gran. And when I say "bad weather", I really mean "major ice storm." Which is exactly what we got. Brunch was cancelled, due to wretched driving conditions (I expected that would be the case yesterday when all of my prep work went incredibly smoothly and because I bought two cans of tuna at the grocery store.) 

We've are pretty lucky - our power has flickered but never actually gone off. We have heat, we have lights, we have shipped the dog off to my parents' so we don't have to walk her. Huge chunks of Guelph don't have power. Same with Waterloo Region and the GTA. Some areas are being estimated at 72 hours before the power will be back. My Twitter feed is full of pictures of damage and people without power and updates from the City. All we can hear is people outside chipping away at driveways and cars (which makes me wonder if we should be doing something to our driveway… Our current approach is "wait for it to melt.") 

Our freezing rain warning has ended and there's no more rain or snow falling but the winds are supposed to pick up tonight. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen. And while I wish all of the rain had fallen as snow, it is awfully pretty.


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