Another readathon done...

So it's almost over!  I am fairly pleased with the progress I made.  I did sleep a lot, too, so I really can't complain.  Now how about that final questionnaire?

1. I don't think any hour was really daunting because when I got sleepy, I slept. With it being Thanksgiving this weekend, I can't spend today sleeping because i have to get everything ready for family coming tomorrow. 

2. I really enjoy non-fiction, which I know a lot of people stay away from at readathon time so I'm going to take a pass at this one.  Oh, I am reading Longbourn now by Jo Baker and it's really excellent. 

3. I think I said this last time but I'll say it this time in case I didn't.  I know it would be more time consuming to do but I think the cheerleaders need to commit to cheering in a time frame.  I cheered last time and I hit every blog on my team at least twice, if not three or four times.  And i was hitting them at the same time as someone else.  It would be good if you had people who were willing to commit to hitting every blog during a certain time period.  No disrespect to the cheerleaders intended but I only had one visit on my blog this time around.  One.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  The cheerleaders really do help keep you going with their encouragement and I didn't feel any of that this time around.  Those comments have often spurred me to take a break to enter mini-challenges and I think I only participated in one that wasn't the intro or mid-event questionnaires.  

4. I was a bit distanced from the community.  I've typically used the comments on my blog to to link to new blogs when I need a distraction but there was none of that this year.  Part of that is because I was reading with people but I think it was magnified by the lack of cheering. 

5 & 6. I finished Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman and made excellent progress on two others - The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge and Longbourn by Jo Baker.

7 & 8. I've been working on The Brain That Changes Itself for a while and the two chapters I read yesterday were excellent.  And I'm loving Longbourn.  Which means Born Weird was the book I enjoyed least by default though I still liked it.

9.  I didn't cheer this time but I did last time.  My advice - don't sign up if you aren't going to actually cheer.  The cheerleaders are way more important than anyone gives them credit for.   

10. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll participate again.  I was really turned off by the lack of cheering.  Is that horrible?  I didn't realize how much they helped me feel connected to the larger group.  Everyone I connected with over the last 24 hours are people I've already connected with.  I didn't interact with anyone new.  And that's part of what I love about the readathon.  So I'll have to think about participating again.   It takes pretty much the entire weekend away - with starting at 8am, I have to go to bed early on the Friday to have a good sleep and then if I am reading until 8am Sunday morning, most of Sunday ends up gone because of catching up on sleep.  So I don't know.  It's worth it when I feel like I'm connecting with the community but I don't feel like I did this time.  I did really enjoy having my friends up - our late night walk was good and it was nice to have people to chat with. 


Readathon progress

At the halfway point...