Readathon Rules!

Readathon Rules!


Another readathon is upon us and it's going to be starting in just a couple of hours!  I'm pretty excited because for the first time ever, I've got people joining me!!  Two good friends are coming up and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.  Neither of them have participated in Dewey's readathon before so it'll be a new experience for them.  We all have family stuff for Thanksgiving tomorrow (they both have their family events tomorrow and I have to cook for my family coming on Monday) so we certainly won't be doing the full 24 hours but we're going to do what we can.  I've got a couple of audios, a bunch of books and the library just texted to say there's a book in for me.  (Yes, my library texts.  Is that awesome? They also text me when the due date for my books is approaching. They are so considerate!)

We did set a few ground rules for the readathon - the most important of which is no drawing on someone if they fall asleep.  I'm glad we made this rule but should it worry me that we had to verbalize this one?  Hopefully, I don't wake up with a poem on my face and someone saying "we only said no drawing, I was writing."  Maybe I'll clarify this when the others arrive. 

Should be a good day ahead - I got a fairly good sleep last night so I don't think I'll need a nap until at least hour two or three.  I've got lots of snacks and the weather is supposed to be beautiful so there might even be some balcony reading today.   

I like big books, too!!

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