At the halfway point...

So it's halfway through the readathon.  So time for the mid-event survey.

1. I'm doing okay.  A bit sleepy, I had a bit of a lie down before making dinner but I'll likely need to close my eyes again soon. 

2. I've finished reading Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman.  Yeah, it was weird. 

3. I've just started Longbourn by Jo Baker.  I think it'll be my favourite.  I was so excited to get the text from the library this morning to say it was in. 

4. All the snacks are my favourite.  There's been a lot of candy and chocolate consumed. 

5. No new blogs.  I've stayed away from the computer and haven't even really been following the twitter hashtag much.  It's a very different vibe, reading with other people.  I don't feel like I need to connect with the wider readathon community, which I definitely have in the past.

Okay.  Time to read.  I'm really hoping to finish Longbourn tonight.

Another readathon done...

I like big books, too!!